Computer with bright lights fixed by monolith

I setup my computer in a temporary spot in my bedroom in my house a while back.

This seemed fine at first, but the computer was facing my bed, and more importantly, my head.

The blue power light doesn’t seem bright until the room is dark and you’re looking from the direction where it sends most of its light. This had to be fixed.

To block the light, I stood up a box in front of the computer. The box is from an IBM Model M space saving keyboard made 16 years ago. It is connected to my computer, and I used it for all the typing here. The box is almost wide enough for a modern full-sized keyboard, and deep enough for three, so it is not a space saving box.

The box blocks the light quite nicely and looks like a monolith of sorts. That may explain why I was sung to sleep by a chorus excitedly making the sound of the long vowel ‘E’.


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