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Garage fits the car like spandex

October 19, 2008

Everyone told me my car would fit in the garage of my home just fine. What they didn’t tell me was that brining groceries in to my kitchen through the garage wasn’t going to be possible unless the car was not in the garage. I barely have enough room to walk into the garage. This does not please me at all. Although I am thin enough to actually get in and out of the car, which does please me. I just better not try carrying anything that doesn’t fit easily in a hand.


Ethylene glycol is not my friend

October 16, 2008

My parents visited me all last week and helped me paint the walls of my house, among other tasks. Before this, I don’t remember painting interior walls since maybe high school, but I did remember that it stinks. I definitely needed the help, and now my house looks much better. Thanks to the paint fumes, my eyes were sometimes too irritated to see the improvement. We also got to enjoy laboring in the Florida heat without air conditioning, but the fresh air was worth it.

There were some awful color choices made before I moved in. This spot had some shelves used to store home A/V equipment. A television was in the corner on the right. Seemed like a very poor place for it.

The shelves were removed, and the walls prepped for painting.

I somehow missed taking a picture of the finished walls, and now I’ve got disheveled stuff in the way. The spot in the previous pictures is on the left in this one. I’m still figuring out where to put everything, although this room is much less cluttered now, a the week since this picture was taken.

Evil Harlequin

Evil Harlequin

This large unsettling image on a bedroom wall had to go.

Harlequin meets Kilz

Harlequin meets Kilz

My father put the first coat of the Kilz primer over the offending image.

It was still visible under the primer, so we gave it two coats to be sure it would never be seen again.

The room is much less creepy without the harlequin.

The website of the Kilz manufacturer, Masterchem Industries, claims that the product we used has a “very mild odor”. So mild that a good whiff made me feel like vomiting.

There is a Dalek in my attic!

October 12, 2008
The Dalek

The Dalek

This Dalek was sitting between the bedrooms in my house until I evicted it. Actually, it is a Genie 5hp 15 gallon shop vacuum left by the previous owners of the house. It still works.

In other fun events, I had a locksmith come by on Wednesday. He dated a receipt October 18th. Even more fun, a remote control was lost and then found three days later; my parents had been sleeping on it the whole time, but didn’t know.

Practically non-toxic, but may cause death

October 1, 2008

I’ve been considering ways to keep various bugs, mostly the lone patrolling ant(s?) I occasionally see, out of my house. There are plenty of chemical pesticide options, but I’d rather not use something that is horribly toxic. I did some research and quickly found a product that is “practically non-toxic”, but may cause death anyway. Here is one of several statements that make it sound mostly harmless:

Ingestion: The systemic toxicity of this substance has not been determined. However, it should be practically non-toxic to internal organs if swallowed.

Nice use of vague conditions to hide a potentially far worse result. Further down, that far worse result is revealed:

If untreated severe poisoning, death is due to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

So I guess the lungs and heart aren’t internal organs. Notice how the grammar starts off almost Yoda-like. I think the proper Yoda grammar would have the sentence end with “is due”.

Here is the link if you want to look yourself.

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