Practically non-toxic, but may cause death

I’ve been considering ways to keep various bugs, mostly the lone patrolling ant(s?) I occasionally see, out of my house. There are plenty of chemical pesticide options, but I’d rather not use something that is horribly toxic. I did some research and quickly found a product that is “practically non-toxic”, but may cause death anyway. Here is one of several statements that make it sound mostly harmless:

Ingestion: The systemic toxicity of this substance has not been determined. However, it should be practically non-toxic to internal organs if swallowed.

Nice use of vague conditions to hide a potentially far worse result. Further down, that far worse result is revealed:

If untreated severe poisoning, death is due to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

So I guess the lungs and heart aren’t internal organs. Notice how the grammar starts off almost Yoda-like. I think the proper Yoda grammar would have the sentence end with “is due”.

Here is the link if you want to look yourself.


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