There is a Dalek in my attic!

The Dalek

The Dalek

This Dalek was sitting between the bedrooms in my house until I evicted it. Actually, it is a Genie 5hp 15 gallon shop vacuum left by the previous owners of the house. It still works.

In other fun events, I had a locksmith come by on Wednesday. He dated a receipt October 18th. Even more fun, a remote control was lost and then found three days later; my parents had been sleeping on it the whole time, but didn’t know.


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2 Responses to “There is a Dalek in my attic!”

  1. Jim Says:

    You could actually use this thing. They’re handy. You could keep it in the garage – oh, wait… no room there. :-/

  2. jjackowski Says:

    I keep the Dalek in my shed. I probably need to do some maintenance, like clean an air filter maybe. I should also get good hearing protection; that thing is loud!

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