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Nitrogen: Nature’s Fire Retardant

January 21, 2009

Do you hear a crack sound when you flip a switch on? When I do, I think of nitrogen: nature’s fire retardant. That’s because without nitrogen, my hand would suffer sever burns every time I hear that crack sound.

Thanks to nitrogen, your house won’t become a raging inferno every time you burn your bread in the toaster. A bad automobile accident on the highway doesn’t quickly become a line of fire miles long killing thousands. Electrical fires are relatively uncommon because fuses can safely cut power without exploding. Campers can enjoy a camp fire at night without being airlifted to a hospital to treat full-body burns, and then being roasted from the huge fireball caused by an electrical fire igniting all the helicopter’s fuel.

All this, thanks to nitrogen: nature’s fire retardant.


St. Lucie West: Welcome to the

January 18, 2009

20081222-162556ncsSt. Lucie West must have lost its pride in whatever it was welcoming visitors to, and decided to fix the problem with well placed bushes. I caught this going north on I-95.

Myth != Misconception

January 4, 2009

Myth and misconception are two completely different things. Myths are stories that usually relate some lesson important to the culture that originated the story. Until the Mythbusters try something like debunking the killing of the Hydra of Lerna by Heracles, the show’s name is based on a misconception. Maybe they could bust themselves. That could prove entertaining.

For those not familiar with the C programming language, or one of the many languages it heavily influenced, “!=” is the operator used to check for inequality. From there, it became a programmer’s shorthand for denoting things that were not equal. Or is that a misconception? It certainly isn’t a myth.

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