Nitrogen: Nature’s Fire Retardant

Do you hear a crack sound when you flip a switch on? When I do, I think of nitrogen: nature’s fire retardant. That’s because without nitrogen, my hand would suffer sever burns every time I hear that crack sound.

Thanks to nitrogen, your house won’t become a raging inferno every time you burn your bread in the toaster. A bad automobile accident on the highway doesn’t quickly become a line of fire miles long killing thousands. Electrical fires are relatively uncommon because fuses can safely cut power without exploding. Campers can enjoy a camp fire at night without being airlifted to a hospital to treat full-body burns, and then being roasted from the huge fireball caused by an electrical fire igniting all the helicopter’s fuel.

All this, thanks to nitrogen: nature’s fire retardant.


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2 Responses to “Nitrogen: Nature’s Fire Retardant”

  1. Jim Scarborough Says:

    Yeah, but the Apollo 1 anniversary is not for another 5 days. What brought this to mind?

  2. jjackowski Says:

    I flipped on a switch, heard a crack sound, and thought about an arcing current and about how much of a fire hazard it was. From there, it spiraled out of control. I imagined an old film used to educate people narrated by Bill Corbett.

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