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Holy Leaping Lizards, Batman!

June 26, 2009

06-26-09_0930Before 20090626-053514I went to work this morning I needed to put out some trash, so I went around to my backyard. Just as I opened the fence, something landed on my back. I was startled and tried to get as good of a view of my back as I can without a mirror. A good sized lizard was there. It was maybe a little longer than a foot, larger than the most common lizards around here, and has different coloring.

I managed to get a few pictures of it using my cell phone after it moved down to my right leg. Those pictures were crappy, but now I can’t say that I’ve never used a cell phone to take pictures. I got my other camera and came back for some more pictures. By then, it had started to climb on my house. Enjoy!



Gasteracantha Cancriformis leaves after five weeks

June 23, 2009

20090528-074340tI had a new resident in my backyard: a gasteracantha cancriformis. It made a rather large web that I had to duck beneath while moving my lawn mower to and from the front lawn. I let it be because there are enough bugs in my backyard. Especially mosquitoes. After a strong downpour early this Tuesday morning, it disappeared.

I first noticed it about a week before I took the first pictures. It lasted five weeks in the same spot. I don’t think I’ve noticed a spider stay in the same place for that long before, but I can’t say I was paying close attention.

Another gasteracantha cancriformis showed up just outside my bathroom windows a few days before the downpour. That spider was also displaced.

The backside of a gasteracantha cancriformis in my backyard.

The backside of a gasteracantha cancriformis in my backyard.

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