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Only in Europe can you throw away rechargeable batteries

July 28, 2009
Canon's LP-5E battery label

Canon's LP-E5 battery label

Only in Europe can you throw away rechargeable batteries. Only in Europe. At least that’s what I gather from the marked out trash can icon labeled “Europe only”. Maybe I’m wrong and its only the rest of the world where this thing can be trashed.


Polished my plate away

July 13, 2009

Over this past weekend, I polished my car. It took two days thanks to rain. I also put on four coats of a paint sealant so I shouldn’t need to polish the car again before January. I removed my license plate to give the paint behind it the same care and attention. Come Monday, I completely forgot about putting my license plate back on until I was almost at work. I almost forgot to put it on before heading home.

If anyone saw a silver Honda Civic without a plate driving around Monday morning in Jupiter, that was me.

False Steps

The Space Race as it might have been

You Control The Action!

High Frontier

the space colony simulation game

Simple Climate

Straightforwardly explaining climate change, so you can read, react and then get on with your life.