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The Morikami Visit

September 13, 2009


I visited The Morikami last Friday for their Sushi and Stroll event with a few friends. They have a small exhibition hall for art work that was showing items depicting the human form. They also have a rather large and well kept set of gardens with beautiful landscaping. Then, I attended an evening performance of Ronin Taiko. They played music using a traditional Japanese drums in the traditional wadaiko method. It is just as visual with the performers’ motion as it is aural.

Ronin Taiko

Ronin Taiko

I took lots of pictures, but found that I need to improve my technique. Many of the outside pictures I took earlier in the day turned out well. Later, I was dealing with little light and had trouble. I have found that flash photography is more difficult with my new DSLR camera than with simple point & shoot cameras. I also depended too much on the camera for exposure settings during the Ronin Taiko concert. I’ve got an idea how to take better pictures next time.

I’ve uploaded the pictures of Ronin Taiko to Flickr and will be uploading the rest of the pictures over the next week or so.


Holst knew about Pluto

September 6, 2009

Holst knew by 1916 that Pluto wasn’t a planet. Not only was he not an astronomer, his interest in the planets came from astrology. Take that fuddy duddy astronomers! Don’t continue to deny that Pluto is just a little rock rather than a planet.
I came to this conclusion when I realized that in his composition The Planets there is no piece for Pluto. Or for Earth, for that matter, but I’ll give it an exception since we’re on that planet.

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