Holst knew about Pluto

Holst knew by 1916 that Pluto wasn’t a planet. Not only was he not an astronomer, his interest in the planets came from astrology. Take that fuddy duddy astronomers! Don’t continue to deny that Pluto is just a little rock rather than a planet.
I came to this conclusion when I realized that in his composition The Planets there is no piece for Pluto. Or for Earth, for that matter, but I’ll give it an exception since we’re on that planet.


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2 Responses to “Holst knew about Pluto”

  1. Jim Says:

    Yeah. All astronomical objects in this solar system not discovered by 1916 aren’t big enough to be planets, by golly!

  2. jjackowski Says:

    Exactly! Clearly part of the definition of a planet should be that it is large enough to be seen through telescopes a century old. A lot of asteroids have been found since then, and no one is claiming those rocks are planets. Besides, the picture of Pluto on Wikipedia shows a brownish disco-ball, not a planet.

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