You can have the USPS hold someone else’s mail

I recently went to the United States Postal Service’s web site to request that they hold my mail later this month. The site makes it easy and quick to request the service. This is done in part by doing nothing to assure the requester’s identity. All you need to know is someone’s name and address and you can have the local post office hold their mail. This is distinctly different from submitting a change of address on the site; that requires a credit card. It at least allows a check to see if the requester has lived at the address. There is no such check to hold the mail.

This is just asking for someone to exploit it.


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3 Responses to “You can have the USPS hold someone else’s mail”

  1. Josh-D. S. Davis Says:

    Just happened to me… someone put my mail on hold and I was freaking out because my packages were marked delivered, but they were not.

    • jjackowski Says:

      Six years and they haven’t fixed it? I guess it hasn’t caused many problems. Maybe it was just mistake in your case; I didn’t see much to prevent that.

      How hard is it to resolve?

  2. Robert Miles Says:

    If someone else puts a hold on your mail, it’s impossible to remove. Your only choice is to file lost package claims on items of importance,collect what you can, and then change your mailing address. Been there; done that.

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