No smoking on Delta

I flew on Delta Air Lines over the holidays and was subjected to their safety video four times. I learned that I can turn off my clamshell phone just by closing it. That might explain why I’ve been missing calls. I noted that those sitting in first class would find their flotation devices in one of three places, hopefully before panic sets in. About a minute and fifty seconds into the video, the flight attendant reminds passengers that they cannot smoke on the plane. I’m surprised they still have to tell people that.

The best part, though, was how the attendant extended her hand in front of her face and wagged a finger while saying that smoking is not allowed. I almost laughed out loud when I first saw that. It is hilarious and condescending at the same time. A few people have put up videos on Youtube highlighting this part of the video. My favorite is one that shows the no smoking message several times in slow motion.


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