Off with the mosquitoes, on with the gas mask

I started looking to alternatives to DEET since I get a mild rash where I apply it if I’m not careful to apply very little. I don’t even use a very concentrated formula, just 23%. Some research shows it’s a bit toxic, so I’d rather not buy more of it.

One alternative is a clip-on product from OFF!. It has nothing to apply to skin and uses a fan, so it is obviously distributing an airborne chemical that repels mosquitoes. The chemical is metofluthrin, which I know nothing about. Presumably, the product will work best when the vapors it puts out surround the person it is supposed to protect.

There is one catch: the package clearly warns the user not to inhale the vapor as it can have negative effects on the nervous system. If you’re going to use it, you might want a gas mask, too.


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