Jesse Kelly’s Plan: Test Your Own Food

Arizona House candidate Republican Jesse Kelly thinks we should each test our food for foodborne illnesses like salmonella. Considering that about 1800 people were sickened by the latest outbreak from a company that hasn’t been following regulations, clearly no regulations will fix things.

Lets consider where this is going: no corporate responsibility for what they put in, or don’t keep out, of our food. It seems many of these candidates stressing personal responsibility are also implying we should not have corporate responsibility because it gets in the way of making a profit. But who will by your products after you make everyone sick? Oh, that’s right, the short term profit will be great enough to not care what happens next.

I’m imagining signs on every grocery store that claim the store and its suppliers are not responsible if you get sick from eating anything they sell you, no matter how well the food is prepared. Signs that claim serious illness or death are possible results, and tell you not to even think about returning a bad product unless you can be an expert witness in court on why the product is bad.

Anyone want to start a business making salmonella tests for home use? Don’t worry, it’ll be a corporation so we won’t be responsible when the tests don’t work all the time.


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