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Funding flows from Wales’s mouth

December 21, 2010

I’m sure he wishes it was that easy. It would be great if having his mouth open with a large spike sticking out was enough to fund Wikipedia. The site is an incredible and wonderful resource, so keeping it funded is a laudable goal.

Jimmy Wales regurgitates a fund raising status bar.

Jimmy Wales regurgitates a fund raising status bar.

I also understand his motives for keeping advertisements off the site. But showing pictures suggesting that Jimmy Wales is regurgitating a funding status bar isn’t the best way to go about it. There are better ways to demonstrate that Wikipedia would be better without ads.

I suggest Mentos ads that feature people physically going through the not-so-physical page while inferring that the product made the trip both possible and necessary. Or the Squaremaster square shaped poster for exercise. That ought to make people send in money with notes to please make it stop.

I suppose it is about time I sent in some money with a note to please make Wales stop regurgitating at the top of Wikipedia pages. For the record, I get that picture with the regular width of my web browser on my home computer.


The Grinch is coming to the US for the holidays

December 2, 2010

About two million unemployed people in the US will lose their unemployment benefits just in time for the holidays thanks to Congress’s inability to get anything done, and Scott Brown’s obstructionism in particular. Those unemployed people don’t deserve their $300 per week (average) checks to help feed their family and pay for continued job hunting efforts. It isn’t like those jobs exist.

Besides, people making more than $250,000 a year need to be kept away from the pain of paying a few percent more of their income in tax. They aren’t used to personal financial troubles.  People without jobs are already used to such trouble so they know how to handle it. They’ve dealt with telling their children that they can’t get the nice toys for Christmas unless they skip dinner once or twice a week. If people making more than $250,000 a year can’t have a few more hundred dollar bills as pocket change, some of them, like Ben Stein, might throw a fit and get all distraught. They just can’t deal with life without their tax cuts. It could mean giving up a few thousand dollars a year. But people without jobs have been without their jobs for a while now, and that $300 per week check really isn’t much anyway.

We should thank the Republicans for saving us from spending money on unemployed people and increasing the deficit in favor of continuing tax breaks for the wealthy and increasing the deficit. It’s a great way to distract us from the lack of anything being done to create more jobs.

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