A belated Tron Legacy review featuring mass

I finally got around to watching the new Tron movie. I enjoyed it overall, but there were a few flaws. Other people have already pointed out the hyper-sexuality used in their portrayal of female programs. Then there are the details that programs have gender, time away from work to go clubbing, relationships that go beyond interprocess communication, and a thirst for blood in entertainment that would have worked well in ancient Rome. They are still using end-of-line where they should be using end-of-file. Further, they are mixing programs and processes together suggesting a system that only uses self-modifying code, but no system has ever made that requirement, few developers even try to use it, and some systems don’t allow it, all with good reason.

But that isn’t what really bothered me while watching. Instead, getting a whole army out of the computer bugged me, even after accepting that people, and perhaps even program/processes, could go into and out of the system. Were they going to send one through at a time? Would someone notice before many got through? Maybe a few technicians would be sent out at first to setup something better? It looked like they meant to send a whole bunch all at once. Would they be toy-sized?

The biggest problem of all was what this army would be made from. The device that allowed both Flynns to be inside the computer had only collected mass from them. A whole army of adult-sized conscripts cannot be made from the mass of two adults. Maybe a toy-sized army could, but that would make it impossible for each conscript to have a complex brain. While this could be seen as a benefit, the small size alone might make it difficult for a toy-sized army to be effective against many regular sized people without an absurd number of conscripts orders of magnitude greater than what the movie depicted. Two technicians would have quite a difficult task of solving the mass problem by attempting to create matter from energy. The enormous amount of energy would ensure the attempt would get a lot of attention before it could be successful.

I suppose the only way would be to send two conscripts out to abduct two people, then use the mass for another two conscripts, and keep repeating the procedure. Eventually, people would take notice of what was going on, but would it be soon enough? Cutting power likely would not be realized as a possible solution, and considering that the system seemed to run for twenty years straight without maintenance, it probably wouldn’t have helped. The rate of abductions could increase exponentially at first, but soon would become limited by the device’s placement and the physical constraints of moving to and from it.

On the positive side, I did like the black and white film look used on the closeup of one of the conscripts.


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