Steel Bound Keys: Replacement Risk

I’ve been out of a car since someone rammed mine about a month ago. On two occasions thus far, I have rented a car from a local Enterprise office so that I could get a few things done, like buy a lot of groceries or obtain a copy of the police report about the collision. The people at the Enterprise office/location have been great, and seem to handle the stress of being very busy quite well. I’m surprised just how busy it is since the place isn’t located next to an airport.
Steel bound keys

The second rental I got was a Toyota Corolla. All the keys were bound together with a steel cable along with a tag showing the replacement cost. I can understand the rental company wanting to impress upon its customers that losing keys is a bad thing, but the steel cable isn’t helping. With all the keys bound together, that means if one key is lost, all the keys are lost. This will make life more difficult for a customer who loses the keys, and will increase the replacement cost. Further, it makes giving more than one driver access to the car less convenient since two people can’t each have a key simultaneously.

Most ridiculously and silly, though, is the inclusion of the valet key next to the regular full-function keys.

This bit of absurdity really has nothing to do with the local rental office. I’m sure it’s just company policy.


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