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A call to Comcast

December 31, 2015

I had reason to call Comcast today. It went something like this:

COM: You’ve reached Comcast customer service. This call may be monitored. Someone will answer whenever they get around to it, so wait. More blah . . .

COM: Is this you address?

ME: Yes.

COM: There is an upcoming fight. Would you like to hear about it?

ME: No.

COM: Please say yes or no.

ME: No.

COM: Two grown men will beat the crap out of each other for violent entertainment that costs money to watch. Do you want to pay for it?

ME: [Hang up since no means yes]

The only fight I’d like to see is between Comcast customers, armed with clown hammers, and their head of customer service. It would be the most brutal clown hammer fight ever.

I wonder how many programs I’ll have to pay for before I reach a person. Sounds like another reason to cancel service, but what little competition there is tends to be no better. Thanks FCC!


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