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Superhero Supply and other shirts

September 24, 2012

I neglected to mention in my last post a couple of interesting shirts I saw. I got them both in the same picture and didn’t notice until I was looking through them at home.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply, and "I was there!"

Brooklyn Superhero Supply, and “I was there!”

The one in the middle is for Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., which actually exists. On the left is a shirt with two pictures of the guy who is wearing the shirt, which is a bit strange. However, the pictures include astronauts and he seems excited over his connection to the space program. He’s like the science fiction fans who show up at conventions wearing detailed costumes, only he is doing it about non-fiction, so it’s cool. Really, everyone who gathered to see Endeavour were fans, even if no one was wearing costume. Some were wearing “Endeavour fly out” shirts; while nice, they weren’t quite as interesting in this context.

I went in my “Low flying spacecraft” shirt. It seemed appropriate. I don’t have any pictures of that; it’s hard to take your own picture with an SLR.


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