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Firefox reaches ludicrous speed

July 11, 2011

The speed at which new versions of Firefox come out have reached a ludicrous speed in an appearent bid to keep those version numbers going up as fast as Google has been incrementing the number for Chrome. Only a few weeks ago, I found that Firefox 5 was relased before I even heard that 4 was out of beta testing. Then I read today about how Firefox 8 has some nice speed improvements. 6 and 7? I guess they went plaid.

Before Google was releasing a new version of Chrome a month, Microsoft was the champion. They went from Windows 3.1 straight to 95. The first version of Windows NT was 3, but I guess that might be related to no one paying attention to Windows until version 3. Still, Psygnosis relased Wipeout 2097 as Wipeout XL in the US because someone in marketing thought people would wonder what happend to the 2095 versions inbetween.


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