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I/ITSEC 2008

December 4, 2008

20081203-120030ncssI attended I/ITSEC, a trade show focusing on the simulation industry, for a few hours today. Many of the exhibitors were showing military related projects. No one, that I saw, was showing any subsea (underwater) simulations save for CM Labs. That is good for my company since we do subsea simulation, and we use CM Labs’s Vortex physics engine. What they were showing seemed to be more of a demonstration of what Vortex can do rather than a directly competing product.

The most interesting item to me was Concurrent’s Red Hawk Linux, especially their NightStar tool. That tool can show what each processor is running and when along a time line. That is very useful for developing multi-threaded and multi-process systems that need to take advantage of all the processors on modern computers. The demonstration I was given used a system with eight processors (two Intel quad core CPUs) and showed that their software was aware that cores were paired together to share cache memory. Concurrent’s kernel also allows great control over what each processor does and does not run, including allowing or disallowing threads, processes, and interrupts. Very slick and impressive stuff. Makes me want to find that kernel code.


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