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HOV Lane: not always in effect

September 12, 2012

There is a High Occupancy Vehicle lane along a southern stretch of I-95, but it comes with hours.

HOV lane hours on I-95

At almost any time of the day, you can find drivers on I-95 who avoid the HOV lane. I see this practically every time I travel this stretch of I-95, yet I’m seldom on I-95 when the HOV restriction is in effect. Seems odd to me. Drivers are supposed to be able to read, right? These tend to be the drivers who want to go faster when the slow pokes fill every lane, the very people who seem more likely to break the HOV rule since they are already breaking the speed limit. Yet they avoid using the HOV lane whether it is around noon or late at night and just go slower tailgating a slow poke. In their defense, only every other HOV sign show the hours.

It may be a rather American thing that just 2+ is considered to be high occupancy. The only vehicle I can think of that can’t manage that is a motorcycle. But then, I read “2+” as meaning “occupancy > 2”. I have the notion that other people may read it as “occupancy >= 2”, which would allow some motorcycles. High occupancy sounds like it should take a passenger bus, not a small car.


Retention pond or class A+ office?

September 9, 2012

In Florida, the swamp-like land of a retention pond doubles as a class A+ office.

Class A+ office space?

This flat stretch of land can easily survive very strong winds from a hurricane, as claimed on the sign. I’m not sure why it would need a backup generator, but I suppose “100% backup power” may mean nothing if there is nothing that needs such power. Another picture shows some birds enjoying this office for a meal.

While there are some other buildings around, signs like these are usually placed in front of the office building or its adjoining parking lot. This sign has no such placement, and certainly isn’t for the hotel in the background. That leaves the retention pond to be the office.

Try Transit

September 8, 2012

Everyone on I-95: try transit!

"Try transit" sign on I-95

I thought I was trying transit. Was I doing it wrong? I took this while on I-95, and like most people there, I was inside a vehicle. Even the people who were on top of a vehicle were in transit. Just about everyone who will see this sign will see it while in transit. Are we all doing it wrong? Even the people who maintain I-95 and the land around it use transit to get to where they work and again to leave. Who is this sign for? Who on I-95 is not using transit? Should we be transiting more? Or is this part of a plan to help people travel after the zombie apocalypse? Why are these signs on I-95?

Urgent Message When Flashing

July 7, 2010

Here is a sign on I-95:


It reads: Highway Advisory Radio, 1630 AM, urgent message when flashing. Note how there is nothing by the sign or on it that can flash. This leads me to conclude that the building in the background is a strip club that provides a public service on the side.

No stoping at this crosswalk

June 18, 2010

I saw this at a rest area on I-95:


I don’t know how they expect drivers to always be able to¬† follow those directions.

St. Lucie West: Welcome to the

January 18, 2009

20081222-162556ncsSt. Lucie West must have lost its pride in whatever it was welcoming visitors to, and decided to fix the problem with well placed bushes. I caught this going north on I-95.

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